About us

About Us

Kikilagbe is an online business Platform for sheltered and unadulterated nourishments in Bangladesh. In a nation of in excess of 160 million individuals, safe food is certainly a need for both the current and people in the future and that is the place our food stage comes in. We might want to guarantee a solid and cheerful life by giving healthy quality food, speedy conveyance administration, and superb shopping experience. By guaranteeing a sound life, we might want to make our purchasers grin.

Kikilagbe has started its journey from 2019. From the very beginning, Kiki Lagbe has invested its effort to ensure safe food at the doorstep of city dwellers through a rigorous process. Besides this, it has created awareness among people regarding food adulteration, food safety & healthy food habit. Since Khaas Food would like to ensure a healthy Bangladesh with sound body & mind and make people smile.